Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Start

We are more than half way through this year and I feel that only now, has it begun. Quite a few things have been occurring in my life, I have been through a lot, as mostly everyone in this world has. I've learned a lot about myself and have grown as a person. I am still smiling, which is the reason for the name change of this blog. I hope that I can inspire others to keep going and to keep smiling.
This next pictures is a little random, but I love the store Bath and Body Works. Recently I bought several of their soaps because the "summery" scent and appearance of these soaps makes me happy - it's the little things guys. The colour in the background is also the colour that I have recently chosen to paint my room. My room used to be a dark blue-grey and I found that it wasn't very cheerful, so I changed it to this colour, and every time I enter my room I have a new sense of home and happiness.
I hope you enjoyed this post, it's been awhile :)